Billy Gibbons Brings Tequila to Sam's Club. Say What?

ZZ Top legend Billy Gibbons will be at the grand opening of a new Sam's Club Liquor Store on September 10 from 1 to 4 p.m. to promote his new Pura Vida Tequila. In addition to signing bottles, a Les Paul guitar autographed by Rev. Gibbons will be given away at the event.

I asked Pura Vida if Gibbons wears a beard net when filling up all those bottles. They explained that Billy isn't so much in the bottle "filling" business.

My next question was, "Why tequila?"

"Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll sounded great at 20," Gibbons said through his rep, "but today tequila makes more sense."

I think we can all relate.

More amazing than Gibbons' tequila is the fact that this new Sam's Club at Skillman Road and Northeast Highway will sell hard liquor. Really, does it get any better? This is one-stop shopping at its finest: 97 rolls of toilet paper, a gallon of mayonnaise, a lawn mower and, now ... tequila.

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