Bishop Cider Co. Finally Gives Us a Dry Cider

The Light Cide: lighter and dry
The Light Cide: lighter and dry
Bishop Cider Co.
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Some people just can’t handle cider. Even if we’re fans of desserts, when it comes to drinking something cold out of a can, we’re not equipped to take something so sweet we’re going to fall over.

Don’t roll your eyes if you are one of those who loves the sweet cider. To each their own. But now there’s another option as a new cider rolls out of Bishop Cider Co.

The Light Cide is all-natural, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, sugar-free with no fruit essences, etc. You get the point, especially if you’re into those things. (All of Bishop's ciders are this way.)

This one's also dry.

Bishop Cider co-founder Joel Malone says many companies claim a dry cider that they “back sweeten,” resulting in a drink that still tastes like a dessert.

While he also says Bishop’s regular ciders are on the dry side compared with other companies, this one is “Champagne dry.”

“It’s the first dry we’ve put in a can in a few years,” he says. “This is the option for people who want the traditional dry cider. That’s why we called it ‘an actually dry cider.’ A lot in the market say that and they aren’t.”

The Light Cide goes out for distribution today and should be in North Texas by the end of the week.EXPAND
The Light Cide goes out for distribution today and should be in North Texas by the end of the week.
Bishop Cider Co.

This cider is also sincerely light compared with regular ciders, with just 97 calories, 2 carbs and less than 1 gram of sugar. (We’re talking just 12 carbs if you happen to down a six-pack. Just saying.)

While we wish this had been an option during our Texas summer months, we’re aware we’re seeing temperatures in the 90s for a while, and this will definitely be in our hands soon to try.

“Our goal with this cider, which has been made countless times and refined over the years, was to make a lighter option without the sugar, calories and carbs typically found in ciders,” Malone says. “While our other ciders are awesome, there are occasions where they are too heavy. My wife [Laura] and I are also runners, and while I love Crackberry, the Light Cide is often a better fit for active lifestyles, health-conscious consumers and the weekdays.”

The Lite Cide should be available in North Texas by the end of the week and throughout Texas next week.

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