Bloggers to Your Computers: Let the Festivities Begin

Now that we're through with Thanksgiving, Dallas food blogs and food writers are warmed up and ready to get going with some serious holiday eating. The party started this week with Chanukah, and we expect it to keep gaining momentum right through New Years.

Pegasus News Ever since Sidedish announced that Nonna would be open for Friday lunch and serving up lobster rolls, I have been positively obnoxious and whiny about wanting to check it out. The Garrett sisters beat me there and reported that while the soup was exquisite, the lobster roll was nothing to be excited about, blaming "chewy pieces" that made it "unladylike." Whatever. I remain loyal and dissuaded, the way I stood by the McRib through all of its bad press and hacking.

Nicolle Keogh of The Daily Mustang presents an audio slideshow of the Texas Honeybee Guild. It is a festival of yellow-and-black-stripe-clad honey bee activists and enthusiasts promoting local honey and honey products.

The Dallas Morning News Restaurant Reviews

Leslie Brenner enjoys the surprisingly packed Seasons 52 restaurant in Plano.

Eats Blog

The Morning News makes its list of the best barbecue in town. And just to prove it's not messing around, it served up with a slideshow Leslie Brenner aptly describes as "mouth-watering."

In Uptown, restaurateur Alberto Lombardi is getting ready to open the doors of La Fiorentina, his new Tuscan steakhouse.

Sidedish Sidedish is asking readers to submit their recipes for the perfect holiday meal. And for their effort, each time a reader submits a recipe they'll be entered to win one of five $100 gift certificates from Central Market.

If you're looking for a special holiday gift, look past the mall and into Calabria, Italy. The Tre Olive Grove is offering the chance to adopt (or really, lease, since the adoption is up in 12 months) an olive tree for $110. Recipients will receive a photo of the tree and three liters of extra virgin olive oil in the spring.

The Little Dish Nova restaurant offers a pretty good meal. The tastier options (like pumpkin bread pudding with caramel) and the cozy atmosphere makes it easier to forgive the misses (like the mediocre burger.) Plus, D magazine named the restaurant and its constantly evolving menu "D Magazine's Best New Restaurants in 2010", so customers always have a reason to return.

Critics Guide Steven Doyle sits down with the talented and consistently surprising chef TJ Lengnick.

Jennifer Chininis examines why chefs are more likely to be shaking hands, schmoozing tables, writing books and appearing on reality television than in the kitchen cooking.

Chowhound Users at Chowhound are craving croissants this week and offer up the best places to get an authentic bakery treat. It's enough to make me even more ashamed of the dense, greasy breadlumps I get from Sam's Club.

City of Ate

Hanna Raskin explores the exact definition of a sandwich.

Despite the foodies vs. city of Dallas tug-of-war for food trucks, José Ralat Maldonado reports that Heinz is sending a Ketchup Truck on a national tour that will finish in Dallas on December 9. The trucks will offer a free serving of crinkle cut fries or sweet potato fries, served with Heinz Dip & Squeeze ketchup.

Apparently, London's idea of a Texas prison with is one with more cocktails and fewer electric chairs. The Fluid State is an annual festival held in the U.K. This year's theme is "Texas-style Slammer," which translates into sea-bass yuzu ceviche and tequila in urine sample cups. Mark Donald and Jenny Block spread the wealth and share their favorite potato latke recipes and invite readers to do the same. And later on in the spirit of Chanukah, Donald manages to shed his Jewish guilt and indulge in Eatzie's pork sausages.

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