Bolsa's "Cocktail Challenge" Shies Away From Chicken Liver

Bolsa's introduced an interactive twist to its popular Wednesday night cocktail event.

The Oak Cliff restaurant's still offering five cocktails for $5, but each drink now incorporates a customer-nominated ingredient along with the evening's featured spirit. On Thursdays, Bolsa announces the liquor for the next "cocktail challenge" via Facebook, and then begins accepting pairing suggestions. The ingredients are selected the following Tuesday through a random drawing (very interested drinkers can watch a video of it on Facebook.)

"We did have someone suggest chicken liver, which I was kind of nervous about," bartender Jason Kosmas says. "I was suggesting to leave the more ridiculous ones out, but (owner) Chris (Zielke) said no cheating."

Kosmas and fellow bartender Lucky Campbell this week ended up with dill, tamarind, lychee, lime sherbet and hard lemon candy. The rule is one ingredient per cocktail, so the bartenders don't have to puzzle out a recipe calling for Asian fruits, herbs and sucking candy.

Instead, the pair's come up with a Bacardi Rum menu including a Royal Lychee Fizz (rum, lychee puree, St-Germain and Champagne) and a Hard Candy Cable Car (rum, orange liqueur and hard candy limoncello.)

"It's going to be fun," Kosmas says. "We're going to run with it all night."

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Hanna Raskin
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