Bolsa Flips Frozen Rosé the Bird With Its Latest Summer Cocktail, the No Way Frosé

Eat this beauty quickly because Dallas weather isn't kind to a popsicle.
Eat this beauty quickly because Dallas weather isn't kind to a popsicle. Susie Oszustowicz
While the frosé was summer's coolest cocktail last year, the beast of a drink is still making waves around Dallas. Everyone and her white, fluffy dog is making a frozen monstrosity with rosé, and few are unique.

But our favorite bar ladies at Bolsa are, per usual, bucking the trend with their own take: a cocktail using rosé with a different frozen element, a popsicle. The No Way Frosé is simple, just Orange Combier, Aperol, sparkling rosé and soda garnished with mint, baby's breath and a tropical popsicle.

The pivotal flavor-morphing element is not just any popsicle; they didn't want the fancy, hipster, bespoke variations. Bolsa went for the favorites of every 5-year-old, the store-bought brands that are as ubiquitous as summer sunburn. The best part? There's a joke on the stick. That means you can laugh at hipsters and their frozen pink drinks while also laughing at a corny dad joke.

You'll have to both eat and order this drink quickly because it'll only be available from Friday, June 9, until sold out.

Bolsa, 614 W. Davis St.
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Susie Oszustowicz