Bonchon, Dallas' New Korean Fried Chicken Joint, Temporarily Closed Due to Popularity

If you haven't made it yet to Bonchon, the Korean sports bar with the unbelievably sticky-sweet-spicy fried chicken, you're going to have to wait a little longer. The restaurant has only been open for a week, but today, via its Facebook page, management announced that they'll be shutting down temporarily because they were nowhere near ready for crowds that came in.

In our enthusiasm to bring Bonchon to Dallas, we failed to prepare for the sheer volume of orders that we have received. Our staff is trying their best, but they are still new and have literally been overwhelmed. The result has been inconsistent quality in our food and long wait times for our customers.

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Bonchon had a soft opening last week, and while a soft opening is supposed to be a relatively quiet trial-run period to make sure everything is in proper order for the grand opening, word of mouth can be a fickle bitch. No word on exactly when they will reopen but the post predicts they will only be shut down a few days while they hire and train additional staff.

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