BrainDead Brewpub Coming to Deep Ellum

Despite the perplexing news that Dallas drinks less than any other major city, now is a good time to be a beer lover here.

The city just keeps getting more and more good beer news lately. Tap-crazy restaurants with beer-based desserts are opening. Growler-filling stations are spreading to different neighborhoods. Multiple local breweries are celebrating their anniversaries and putting out specialty beers for the occasion. An Irish beer-only bar is finally scheduled to arrive in February. Who cares if Dallas is a city of teetotalers? Everyone else is in hops heaven.

The latest tidbit is the coming opening of a new brewpub in Deep Ellum, BrainDead Brewing, slated to open in spring of 2014. BrainDead is the brainchild of a trio of seasoned brewers: Jeff Fryman, formerly of Common Table, Sam Wynne, owner of Fort Worth's Rodeo Goat, and Drew Huerter, former brewmaster of Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

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The brewpub will feature 42 taps and a small menu of food that's still in the tinkering process, and will be located not far from the future home of Pecan Lodge. The space will include a bar, dining room and brewing room with a glass wall that will make it visible to the rest of the restaurant. So if you're a fan of brewing, interested in learning more about it or for some reason just get off on watching other people brew while eating bar food, this could be the perfect spot for you.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.