Eat This

Braised Beef Short Rib Enchiladas
At Artin's Grill

Pity the beef short rib. Once passed over by many people who preferred pork, short ribs staged a comeback in recent years as enterprising chefs started braising them rather than barbecuing. Proper braising allowed them to remain moist and supple, as opposed to dry and tough, and they found a starring role at many of Big D's high-end establishments, such as Bijoux, The Second Floor and Fearings. Now, the fad is running its course, but the beefy bone still stars in such stellar dishes as the Braised Beef Short Rib Enchiladas at Artin's Grill. Tender, slow-cooked beef is presented in flour tortillas topped with plenty of cheese and three-chili sauce and served with lime-green poblano rice. Tasting more like a Northern Mex-Mex preparation as opposed to Tex-Mex, these enchiladas should be paired with a tasty cup of smoked tomato bisque and a bracing stiff drink for a memorable winter meal. Artin's dish provides proof that beef ribs don't have to play second fiddle to pork ever again, and they no longer deserve to be pitied.

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Chris Meesey