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BREAKING: Restaurant People Love Crossing Their Arms in Photos

Dallas chefs and restaurant owners looooove crossing their arms in photos. We should make it stop. It's the most important change that needs to happen in our restaurant scene. Seriously. Evidence:

The Stephan Pyles does it.

FT33's Matt McCallister maybe learned it from him?

The Grape's Brian C. Luscher? Total arm-crosser.

And he has clearly taught Danyele McPherson all of his tricks.

Or maybe Danyele and Tiffany Derry learned it from being on Top Chef?

Driftwood's Omar Flores is all about the arm cross.

Nick Badovinus? Oh, you know he's got this.


Back-to-back arm cross: check. Follow it up with a chest bump, Restaurant Ava.

Brian Zenner and Rudy Mendoza are all, "We can cross our arms, too. Don't try to pretend you're the only cool one, Copeland."

It's actually harder to find an image of Tre Wilcox in which he's not crossing his arms.

John Tesar crosses his arms so much, he's even crossing them when he's covered in shit.

Kent Rathbun crosses his arms WITH KNIVES, BITCHES.

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