The Box

Brian C. Luscher Punches Cody Sharp in The Box

For this episode of The Box, we decided to try something a little different. We created the challenge, but instead of picking ingredients for the challenge ourselves, we enlisted the help of our first The Box victim: Chef Brian C. Luscher.

And for this round, we decided to go vegetarian. Blam.

The Challenge: Create two delicious vegetarian dishes using each of the ingredients in The Box. You don't have to use every bit of each of the ingredients, but you have to use some of each.

The Target: Chef Cody Sharp, currently sous chef at Snack Global Kitchen and Bar on Henderson.

When we invited The Mr. Chef Cody Sharp to participate in our challenge, he agreed. And he immediately sent us this photo on Facebook, with the caption, "Bring your worst, Alice":

Uh ... deal, Sir Chef Dude. Here's the video of our worst showing up to greet Sharp with his The Box:

Next: Photos and our favorite dishes.

Alice's Thing She Liked Best: Of the four dishes, the Beet It Margarita was my favorite. It was the best not-just-margarita-flavored margarita I've ever had. Mango margaritas and strawberry margaritas can blow me. I'd make sweet, sweet booze love to this beet margarita. Delicious, gorgeous, and basically, it was everything I've always wished a cosmopolitan would be. It was less sweet, more drunk. I liked it muchly. (And Sharp mentioned that he might be offering it as a special on the menu soon, so absofuckinglutely get it if you can get it.)

Nick's Thing He Liked Best: The tamales. Besides looking like a cartoon crap (Alice said it looked like Barney's poop), they were stuffed with cheese. If there's anything we've hammered home on City of Ate, it's that cheese-stuffed is good. Cheese-stuffed almost leads to face-stuffed. I face-stuffed the tamales. The crisp acidity of the slaw on top made it.

He also made these deep-fried good things (breaded with the Ruffles chips):

And this, with the Circus Animals, was surprisingly not overly-sweet and friggin' creamy. Also, MARSHMALLOW:

Thanks for kicking The Box's ass, Chef Cody Sharp. We like that you threatened us with dildo-lookin' gummy things.

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Alice Laussade and Nick Rallo