Brian Luscher To Open Luscher's in East Dallas

News broke this morning on Culture Map that Brian Luscher has signed a lease on a restaurant space across the street from Elbow Room on Gaston Avenue. While the restaurant is still in its fetal stage (they've only just started renovations) Luscher concedes that his Post Oak Red Hots will be a part of the concept.

Luscher's hot dog project started last year after he hired Danyele McPherson to run his kitchen at The Grape. Luscher spent his free time working on a recipe for Chicago-style red hots, which he cooked in small batches on a trailer smoker. With his recipe vetted, he turned production over to Local Yocal in McKinney and started selling the dogs at a number of small markets across Dallas.

If you're not into cooking hot dogs yourself, they've been featured at a few local restaurants, but none have come close to matching the bliss in a bun Luscher achieves when he serves up his own dogs at White Rock Local Market most Saturday mornings.

Pillowy soft, locally baked buns cradle the sausage, and a slew of condiments evoke the Chicago-style treatment without leaning on store-bought condiments of any kind. If you've got a thing for that neon green relish that comes on most Chicago hot dogs, you're going to need to let tradition go, but the upgrade is worth it -- pickled hot peppers, house-made mustard with real bite, fresh onions and tomatoes. It's a little weird ordering a hot dog for breakfast until you take your first bite. These things could rival breakfast tacos.

And sometime this fall you won't have to set your alarm clock to have one. While Luscher is still working out the details for his new restaurant, it's easy to imagine what's coming. Luscher's Red Hots served just as they are at the farmers market, with the same fries featured at The Grape. Stand-alone hot dog concepts have seen mixed results in Dallas, so there will surely be more to the menu when Luscher's opens its doors. I'm picturing East Dallas' answer to Off-Site Kitchen. Hopefully it will be open late too.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.