Brownstone Serves Up Biscuits and Flapjacks at New Sunday Brunch

Fort Worth's Brownstone has decided to celebrate its four-month anniversary by launching Sunday brunch.

The Fort Worth restaurant - the gastronomic love child of Dallas' Top Chef finalist and fan favorite, Casey Thompson (late of the Mansion on Turtle Creek and Shinsei), and local club-e-sario Sam Sameni -- is bringing its lauded Southern-accented cuisine to the week's most beloved meal.

Any repast that regularly allows one to order a staggering range of dishes from bacon and eggs to mussels and fries, along with beverages involving Champagne, orange juice and white peach nectar (can you say "Bellini"?) - Well, that's as close to meal Nirvana as most eaters ever get.

Thompson's Brownstone brunch menu is filled with such a cotillion of Southern comfort foods it's surprising Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara don't escort you to your table: There's the classic fried green tomato (paired with a sunny side farm egg), and Grandma's biscuit plate, along with the always-welcome fluffy flapjacks. Carnivores rejoice: You can chomp down on The Fort Worthian, featuring a six-ounce piece of Texas Wagyu sirloin - bookended by potato hash and two farm-fresh eggs.

Brownstone has the "unch" part of brunch covered with its bacon meatloaf sandwich, fried chicken with grits, smoked Fran's farm chicken salad sandwich and the consequential Brownstone burger.

Lest you think this brunch launch is some veiled attempt by Brownstone to shore up an early, leaky bottom line, founding principal Sameni is here to tell you that all is exceedingly well with the Fort Worth-eatery. So far.

"Brownstone is doing just great," effuses Sameni, whose Sameni Entertainment Group is the force behind two Dallas hot boites: uptown's Wish Ultra Lounge and downtown's Joyce Lounge.

Sameni, sounding as if he's reading from a freshly printed spread sheet, reports that Brownstone has exceeded all initial projections in two key areas: Number of covers served, and overall sales volume.

Not too shabby for a place that, other than a half-priced wine promo on Wednesdays, hasn't had to resort to any bizarre smoke and mirror "specials" to lure recession-battered diners.

"We couldn't be happier," gushes Sameni. "In fact, we do have plans to open another Brownstone branch, but we haven't found the right second location."

Yet. But give the ever-resourceful Sameni a couple more months of plump sales volumes, and even happier customers, and don't be surprised if Brownstone Deux bows sooner than you can deep fry a green tomato.

Brownstone's Sunday brunch 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Brownstone 840 Currie Street Fort Worth, Texas 817-332-1555

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