Bruno Davaillon to Leave Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Bruno Davaillon has announced his departure from Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek. He will leave the storied kitchen at the end of November, according to Leslie Brenner at The Dallas Morning News, and has yet to announce where he will be cooking next. Employees at The Mansion are tight-lipped about the departure and will not discuss why Davaillon has decided to leave.

Davaillon took over the kitchen in 2009 after then executive chef John Tesar made his dramatic exit. The restaurant went on to earn five stars from the News (and then four) and maintains a reputation as one of the best fine-dining restaurants in the city.

If you want to celebrate any special occasion with a formal meal, The Mansion has been the place to do it. The restaurant has also served as a hub for local chefs. Brian Luscher of the Grape and Luscher's Red Hots says he visits three or four times a year and always runs into others in the restaurant industry dining there.

Obviously, The Mansion will seek to maintain its elite status when replacing Davaillon. The restaurant first earned its reputation under Dean Fearing, known for his Southwestern slant on fine dining. Davaillon brought French sensibilities and a bit of whimsy to The Mansion's dining room for his six-year tenure, and much has happened to the Dallas dining scene in those years. It would be awesome to see the next chef to take charge with a menu that shakes things up and looks forward in a way that continues Dallas' exciting dining evolution.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.