Bud's New Straw-Ber-Rita Is Certainly Not Worth Stealing

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my editor a post about Bud's new flavor of the season, Straw-Ber-Rtia. He said something like, "Not so much, LDD. You'll need to drink it and tell us about it, not just that it's happened." (Editor's note: Indulging a bent for mild sadism is one of the perks that come with the job. I'm still holding out great hopes that Alice will try a placenta meatloaf in about a month.)

I slapped my No. 2 pencil on the table and said, "I'm out." I wasn't willing to sacrifice my taste buds, much less any money, on the beer. For good measure, though, because I'm a team player and all that, I checked some shelves, hoping there would be a really small pony-sized option randomly available for like a dollar or something.

But, no luck. I checked the tallboy cooler at QT, but couldn't find it. Then, I was like "Of course. How stupid would that be? A tallboy of strawberry beer? Duh."

Actually, stupid works sometimes. A few days later I saw an empty tallboy of Straw-Ber-Rita in a random parking lot. So, who buys tallboys of strawberry beer? Litterers, that's who.

Then, at Tom Thumb, I saw a case of 8-ounce Straw-Ber-Rita cans that had been carefully pried open and one beer had been stolen out of the pack (see photo at top). See! Others were skeptical too. But why risk the hassle of shoplifting for bad beer?

Finally last week, in a twist of fate, I found a tub of Bud's fruity elixir (I'm an optimist) in little pony cans for $1. It was like a beer selection for My Little Ponies. Perfect. Sort of. But also disturbing.

For the dollar that it's worth, Straw-Ber-Rita is bad. Surprised? I didn't like it at all. I had a few sips, and the sweetness was painful. I just think that alcohol should taste like alcohol. The only time super sweet is good is if I'm on a beach. And ... I'm not.

Anyway. I perused Twitter-sphere for a little feedback thinking, "People hate this, right?" Well, no. Many people find it the perfect way to start the weekend. There are perhaps many Bud enthusiasts out there right now pinching pennies to buy a full case on Friday. And I'm not here to judge that. I'm just saying it's certainly not worth potential shoplifting charges.

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Lauren Drewes Daniels is the Dallas Observer's food editor. She started writing about local restaurants, chefs, beer and kouign-amanns in 2011. She's driven through two dirt devils and is certain they were both some type of cosmic force.