Bulletproof Coffee Has Arrived in Dallas

You may have heard by now of bulletproof coffee, the coffee drink doctored up with as much as two tablespoons of butter that's gaining popularity for its purported health benefits. A bulletproof coffee in the morning will help you burn fat all day, they say. Bulletproof coffee will increase mental energy, they say. Bulletproof coffee will help you climb tall mountains, they say.

Whatever it is they're saying, the trend is growing and has finally made its way to Dallas by way of the Green Grocer. For $3 and some change, you can have your own bulletproof coffee made right in front of your eyes from locally roasted coffee beans. Think of what you could accomplish at the office.

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The recipe is simple. A cup of drip coffee is dumped steaming into a blender, along with a squirt of coconut oil from a squeeze bottle and a small amount of butter churned from the milk of a grass-fed cow. A dash of cinnamon adds flavor and warm smiles, and the mixture is blended to a happy froth.

I'll leave the medical benefits to the dietary professionals, but in terms of taste and texture, the result is a coffee beverage with the viscosity of a glass of whole milk. It has a bubbly, frothy head, tastes like Christmas and leaves a film on your lips that's a lot like your favorite lip balm. It's delicious. I could easily see it becoming a part of everyone's morning routine, even if it won't help you solve calculus.

It's worth mentioning that if you don't want to spend so much on your morning java, Green Grocer has the locally roasted coffee, coconut oil and grass-fed cow butter you need to make your own bulletproof coffee. Grab your supplies, head home and make yourself a massive 32-ouncer. I'll bet when you're done you could climb Reunion Tower while solving the Goldbach conjecture in your head.

At least that's what they say.

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