Bottled Champs Èlysèes cocktail from BTGEXPAND
Bottled Champs Èlysèes cocktail from BTG
Susie Oszustowicz

Take Bullion's Cocktails à Emporter With Their New Bullion To-Go Options

À emporter.

That was an incredibly important phrase to know while living in Paris for five months as a student.
I had to know how to ask for my leftovers to-go to make my dollars (or Euros, as it were) go further. (And they don't really do leftovers there.)

I'm delighted that my ever-so-important phrase from another life is still useful thanks to Bullion. The upscale, more-beautiful-than-any-restaurant-should-be restaurant in Downtown launched BTG: Bullion To-Go, Wednesday.

In the recent months, instead of trying to open partially or rush a to-go menu, Bullion remained closed and used its time to prepare and deliver more than 17,000 meals and even made nearly 2,000 masks for frontline workers. Now they're ready to serve the public again.

You can order their food (and even get kits and learn how to make some of their best dishes), but now they're also letting us take our drinks à emporter, too. You can enjoy six of their cocktails at home now, and you can easily order through the website FOR DELIVERY.

I tested the classic Champs Èlysèes cocktail, which arrived in a classy, white box padded with navy crinkle paper and sealed with a gold foil sticker. The cocktails were premade in bottles, and each was labeled and sealed for safety. The label has a QR code that, when scanned, leads to preparation instructions.

The drink itself, made famous in the 1930s in London, is complex thanks to the addition of herbal liqueur Green Chartreuse to cognac. With a bit of lemon juice, the drink is approachable, but you'll definitely feel like you're sitting on a balcony sipping it overlooking the famous Parisian thoroughfare.

BTG Champs Èlysèes to-go ($21 for two cocktails): cognac, Green Chartreuse, lemon juice, Angostura bitters

Bullion To-Go

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