Bullion To-Go Goes All-in on Christmas Cheer

Don't skip the cocktails if you order from BTG.
Don't skip the cocktails if you order from BTG. courtesy of Bullion To Go
As Christmas approaches, it’s not surprising to see an abundance of holiday specials among BTG (Bullion To Go)’s already-diverse offerings, with a “12 Days of Bullion” series starting Monday.

Since the restaurant pivoted to takeout-only this summer, BTG has zoomed in on celebrating the moment, and has done it well enough to be named Best To-Go in this year’s Best of Dallas.

“We know this holiday season is going to look a lot different for many families, and we want to make sure we’re offering our Dallas community a number of different packages and promotions to bring a little holiday cheer to everyone’s households,” Jason Cotton, vice president of hospitality at Labora Group says.

Ready-to-drink cocktails are essential items in BTG’s lineup, and the holiday cocktail box lets you mix and match the quantities you prefer of house-made egg nog, Irish coffee, hot-buttered rum and paloma cocktails.

Families with children (and grownups who like a little whimsy with their holiday) can order gingerbread house kits to decorate with Willy Wonka Nerds, SweeTARTS, Runts and Bottle Caps for $25. A percentage of proceeds from the kits will be donated to Children's Medical Center Dallas.

click to enlarge "FIve golden rings" - COURTESY OF BULLION TO GO
"FIve golden rings"
courtesy of Bullion To Go
You can fill your online shopping cart with complete meal kits, pastries, grocery staples and more. You’ll also find holiday wreaths and a small selection of giftable merchandise.

Safety products — including N95 respirator masks, hand sanitizer and COVID tests — are on-hand, too.

“For those celebrating in-person, we offer on-site or on-demand PCR COVID-19 tests at a discounted rate as an add-on to any order, so you can feel safe seeing loved ones,” Cotton says.

Cotton has been leading day-to-day operations at Bullion since founding chef Bruno Davaillon stepped away from his executive chef role in January. With the dining room closed since March and the demands of creating and managing a to-go service, the challenges he’s faced seem much greater than those he otherwise might have dealt with.

click to enlarge A percentage of proceeds from the kits will be donated to Children's Medical Center Dallas. - COURTESY OF BULLION TO GO
A percentage of proceeds from the kits will be donated to Children's Medical Center Dallas.
courtesy of Bullion To Go
From all appearances, he’s handled those challenges skillfully.

“With all of the obstacles we’ve faced in 2020, we continue to be a support to our community and wish you a safe and happy holiday,” Cotton says.

The “12 Days of Bullion” daily offers might well be a reflection of Cotton’s creativity as a chef when pandemic conditions all but demanded innovation. But wherever the idea originated, it’s a delightful lead-up to a joyful holiday.

Each day from Dec. 7 to 19 (excluding Dec 13) shoppers can add a special item inspired by the verses in the familiar Christmas tune to their orders. Each item can only be ordered on the day it’s offered.

Here’s the full list:
Dec. 7: A Partridge in a Pear Tree – Buy one, get one free spiced white pear sangria
Dec. 8: Two Turtle Doves – Four dark chocolate and hazelnut truffles and a paloma cocktail for $6
Dec. 9: Three French Hens – Buy one Poussin, get one free
Dec. 10: Four Calling Birds – 50% off all poultry
Dec. 11: Five Golden Rings – “Golden” caviar with blinis, potato chips and creme fraiche for $65
Dec. 12: Six Geese-a-Laying – Free dozen eggs with every order
Dec. 14: Seven Swans-a-Swimming – Seven swan profiteroles for $7
Dec. 15: Eight Maids-a-Milking – Buy one, get one free house-made eggnog cocktails
Dec. 16: Nine Ladies Dancing – $3 Lemon drop and cosmopolitan cocktails
Dec. 17: Ten Lords a Leaping – Leaping holiday shortbread cookies, 10 for $3
Dec. 18: Eleven Pipers Piping – Penicillin cocktail for $3
Dec. 19: Twelve Drummers Drumming – Free pound of chicken drumsticks with every order

Visit BTG’s online market for more information about the holiday menus and to order for local delivery or pickup.
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