Burger Girl Has Some Nice Buns

Burger Girl
4444 McKinney Ave.

Dude Factor: 10, or Pulp Fiction, on a scale of 1, Fast Food Nation, to 10.

When we drove by the old La Cubanita on McKinney and noticed a new burger joint in its place a few weeks ago, we were skeptical but intrigued. After all, it's not like there's a dearth of decent burger places around, and Uptown already has at least one mediocre burger place to sustain the folks that are mostly looking for a patio to sun themselves on--cough cough, Village Burger Bar, cough cough.

When we finally made it by a couple weeks later, we were further discouraged to find a valet stand in the parking lot--c'mon, y'all. We know it's Uptown, but seriously. Valet parking for a burger? You've gotta be shitting us. Luckily there's a bigger lot in the back, which allowed us to bypass this atrocity altogether.

Walking in, we quickly realized that Burger Girl's waitstaff consisted entirely of chicks in short-shorts. Sure, it was relatively easy on the eyes, but considering the slow service and mediocre vittles that have characterized the vast majority of our breastaurant experiences, we weren't terribly enthused.

All that said, after dining there three times in the past week, our initial doubts have floated away, and Burger Girl is our new favorite burger joint. For starters, the burgers are fan-fucking-tastic, with great buns, fresh, nicely seared burger patties and the added bonus of a tangy, spicy burger sauce that consists of ketchup, mayo, horseradish and magic. We'd place them well ahead of both Maple & Motor and Twisted Root in the pantheon of local burgers, just to let you know how serious we are.

On our second visit we weren't quite as hungry, so we opted for a club sandwich, only to see it arrive bearing more delicious, thick, peppery bacon than turkey--that is how you make a damned club sandwich, amigos. And to top it all off, both the sandwiches and the burgers come with about a half pound of hand cut, sea-salted fries that kick the ass of nearly ever burger joint fry offering we can think of.

The service is also fairly amazing considering our initial low expectations--our sweet tea level never reached the bottom of the glass, and though fellow Dude Food-er Patrick ended up on the bad end of a forgotten order on our second trip, the mistake was quickly corrected. Besides, he had plenty of pictures of famous folks eating burgers to stare at, and he gets off on that sort of thing.

And while a breastaurant isn't the first place one usually considers for a quick office lunch, we've found Burger Girl to be suprisingly fast--on our third trip we made it back to the office exactly one hour after we left, despite our party of five, three to-go orders and the fact that one of us ordered a soft-serve cone. Did we mention that the place is open till 2 a.m. seven days a week? Sorry, we must have forgotten while sampling the wares at Burger Girl's full bar. Or maybe we were spacing out over the thought of the chicken & waffles on the brunch menu. Either way, any reason you had to go to the Uptown Jake's again is now gone. It's a brave new Burger Girl world out there.

Plus, you know, boobs...

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Noah W. Bailey
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