Burger King is Testing Home Delivery

Right now in Washington, D.C., Whopper-craving citizens can get front-door delivery. Yes, oh yes, Burger King is rolling out a pilot program for bringing the meat to you -- in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. It comes with a $2 delivery charge and you must order a minimum of $8 (or $10 depending on the store, according to the LA Times). Someone Occupy me an order of chicken fries, amiright?

More important, as a spokesperson for Burger King told the Times, the delivery method will use "new packing technology" with "thermal bags" to keep the everything really damn hot. We'll see about that, Burger King.

It's worth noting that Burger King's been delivering internationally for a while now, but pending a successful run (maybe President Obama will sneak a late-night Whopper order when Michelle's out?), the program could mosey down here. We're interested, if only to test the 24-esque thermal packaging. Now if we can just get them to deliver some mac and cheese stuffed onion rings, we'll be all set.

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