Burger King Stuffs a Burger With Cheese and Bacon, 'Cause Laying it on Top is so 2012

It seems as if every few months, Burger King throws something out into the marketplace that seems to say, "Ah, you know we're just kidding everybody ... unless it works, then we totally meant to do that." It's very similar to watching Ryan Lochte form a complete sentence. That seems to be the tenor with their latest discharge of products, one of which is their Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger ($3.99, sandwich only).

The name is fairly self-explanatory; it's a burger with pockets of bacon and cheddar interspersed throughout the patty, as opposed to laying the whole ingredients themselves atop the meat in traditional fashion. The sandwich is completed with lettuce, tomato, a couple onion rings, ketchup and mayonnaise. A potato-esque "artisan-style" bun holds it all together.

This isn't the first time Burger King has loaded the beef disk with ingredients, with the Jalapeño Cheddar Stuffed Burger in 2011 being his Majesty's most recent foray into the dark arts. This time around, Burger King arms itself with a pretty funny commercial to get people (namely, me) in to try their concoction.

As for the burger itself, as seen in the photo above, you can clearly see the little bits of bacon and cheese suspended in the patty, though I'd be curious as to how much of the fillings are actually in there. It wouldn't be shocking if the beef contained a quarter slice of cheese and a half strip of bacon. Very clever, BK, very clever indeed. The rest of the burger is taken up by a generous helping of lettuce and tomato, so much so that the lettuce overwhelms the burger. This is not to say there should be less lettuce, just more burger, and by logical extension, more bacon.

Aside from being a bit vegetation-heavy, the burger is decent if on the small side. The cheese and bacon, while not as immediately noticeable as on a "normal" burger, are present in the taste to some extent. The onion rings, which shrink the most in comparison to advertised photos of the burger, are wisely understated, not dominating the palate with their trademark coerciveness. The bun carries a nice flavor and retains its softness despite the watery heft of the lettuce. Overall, I'd rather have the bacon and cheese intact, but this isn't a terrible alternative. If you find yourself lonely this Friday night, do something crazy and check out the BK Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Burger, it's one decision you won't immediately regret ... probably.

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Justin Bitner
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