Burger Party At A Wine Bar? If Nothing Else, The Grape Has a More Effective Happy Meal.

Since finding themselves smack at the top of Texas Monthly's "50 Best Burgers in Texas" list, ahead of local favorites like Adair's, Angry Dog, The Porch, etc., etc., things have been a little different at The Grape.

To honor their top-ranked burger joint, TexMo put on an intimate (read: crowded) party at The Grape yesterday around happy hour. The wine flowed about as easily as you'd imagine, and the kitchen turned out miniature versions of the burgers six at a time. The stacked burgers, dripping juices all over, made for unwieldy party grub, and made shooting photos that much more fun.

Jump for more shots from last night's affair, plus more on how The Grape's coping with their new fame.

The Lower Greenville wine bar, which until a few weeks ago served fewer than 10 burgers at their Sunday brunch (and no burgers any other time), has added Sunday and Monday night burgertime to help meet the demand. For now at least, while the hype is running high, chef Brian Luscher says you'd best make a reservation if you want a burger--the kitchen turned out 275 of them last week.

In fact, the first Sunday after No. 1 pick was been leaked, Luscher was amazed at the flood of burger scenesters who turned up. "I was like, W-T-F. I had to go to the store like three times," he says. "We just got creamed."

Now that they're finding ways to cope with the crowd, Luscher is hoping he can capitalize on the burger's popularity. "It's bringing in a lot of people that wouldn't normally come here," he says, "and if I can get a few of them on board with what we do here--that's great."

Texas Monthly food writer Pat Sharpe, who still hasn't had enough of The Grape's burgers.

You would like, maybe, some wine with the burger? Because we have that here, too.

One of many devoted followers of the burger scene.

Luscher, magazine spread in hand, getting way meta--maybe that's just what overnight superfame will do to you. Or maybe we asked them to pose like this.

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