Burger Smackdown: West Dallas Fast Casual Class, Off-Site Kitchen Vs. Maple and Motor

Our first smackdown of the week pits two burger joints in close proximity to Observer headquarters. I've eaten at both restaurants more often than I care to admit, but this is the first time I'd raced to Maple & Motor minutes after leaving Off-Site Kitchen with a Locals Only burger in my belly.

To compare these burgers easily, take a look at the juice that drips into your paper-lined basket while you eat. Off-Site Kitchen's burger weeps meat juices with droplets of oil interspersed in the drippings. Over at Maple &Motor, clear grease is what you'll find on your paper when you're done, indicating a more greasy and fatty burger.

Off-Site Kitchen's burger also tastes more clean and fresh, with a more strong presence of salt and fresh cracked pepper. To finish off their win, the bacon here is crisp and crunchy, while Maple & Motor's was soft and chewy. Don't judge your burgers by size, the category that Maple and Motor clearly wins, but instead, judge these burgers by flavor and the winner is easy to see.

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Scott Reitz
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