Burgers Burgers Burgers: This Week In Dallas Dining

I've never been more excited to have control of my diet again. This will be a weekend full of smoothies, salads and as much exercise as I can handle, but definitely no burgers.

Things weren't all beef related here on CoA. Alice took a look Top Chef's three Dallas-based contestants and cheered them on to the next round. From some preview clips that closed out this week's show it looks like Tesar will provide plenty of entertainment in the coming weeks.

We also spent time working through some legal issues pertaining to restaurants you'll want to read in case you ever choke on a chicken bone while you're dining out.

If you're headed for Fort Worth to see Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain at Bass Hall, you should check out the interview we ran with Ripert here, and as you prepare to move into next week, you should probably read up on the upcoming beer festivities here.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner and Kim Pierce review Suze and The Mecca, both of which earn two stars. I wonder if Robert Wilonsky ever imagined people would be drinking vinho verde, and eating crispy-crusted fried oysters at the newly relocated, old-time Dallas favorite.

Side Dish has another take on Meat Fight, if you missed it. Don't miss the opportunity to indulge a little more meat porn if you haven't had enough. What you want more? Here's another Meat Fight account over on Culture Map, too.

If you've been dying to test your snapper knowledge, Entree Dallas has a conversation with Jon Alexis from TJ's Seafood here. It got me in the mood to do up a salt-crusted number for my weekend supper.

That's all I see this week. Come back next, for five days of food blogging that's almost burger free.

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