Burguesa Burger is Orange and Yummy, and the Fries Have Had a Spicy Makeover

Burguesa Burger stands alone on a partially forgotten part of Fort Worth Avenue in Oak Cliff. Its bright orange facade on this otherwise dreary street could either be taken as obnoxious or a beacon. Maybe both. After a year of thinking about it, the timing finally worked for me and I stopped in this week. Honestly, I really wanted a churro. Figured they would have them. And I was right.

Alice talked about their burgers before. They're spicy and plentiful, but party tip: get a double at least. A singe is protein deficient. If you're ready, get the La Monumental, which comes with special creamy sauce, avocado, onion, tomato, lettuce, refried beans crunchy tostada, ham, cheese, all beef patty, cheese, all beef patty. In that order exactly.

One thing Alice didn't like in her review back in '09 were the fries. "The fries were really floppy and greasy, served with a fork, which kinda mystified me," she wrote. She suggested skipping them.

Well, I think someone at Burguesa Burger University is a Bastard reader . Because these fries rocked. And this is coming from a girl who has pretty much given up on all french fries because nine times out of ten they're a flavorless waste of unsatisfying carbs. They come liberally tossed in a fiery spice that left my lips burning in the most satisfying way, even after I was miles down the road.

The guy in front me of me ordered his burger "El Jefe," which means the patties are cut in half and served as two tacos. And the churro was hot and crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and silly with cinnamon and sugar. Loved it. I just Google translated churro and it means "fritter." Of course. That it explains why I drove out of my way to a bright orange mexican burger place on Fort Worth Avenue. Because all my life fritters have spoken to me like that (particularly apple fritters at Shipley's).

Burguesa Burgers also has several flavored sodas in their drink fountain, all made with real cane sugar instead of fructose.

The location on Fort Worth Avenue was not only extremely clean but actually is a pretty cool place. They have a couple TVs and an easy-going atmosphere, including free peanuts in these tin cans that hang over the trashcans (they're still in the shells, of course). Regardless, the orange and yellow booths, swivel stools at the counter and picnic tables outside should beckon your backside the next time you need a burger and spicy-fry hook up. Or a churro, of course.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.