Burnt Ends, Beef Ribs and Bacon: The Best DFW Barbecue of 2016

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Heim BBQ and Catering
1109 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth
We love a good success story, and when discussing the area's best from-the-ground-up barbecue joints, Travis and Emma Heim may have the best story of all with Heim BBQ and Catering. What started with a few backyard pop-ups at their Arlington home evolved into a wildly successful food truck in Fort Worth, which led to the first brick-and-mortar location opening in August of this year on Magnolia Avenue. Riding on the waves of success that come with introducing the area to bacon burnt ends, Heim will open a second location in Fort Worth in 2017. We can hardly wait.

Cattleack BBQ
3628 Gamma Road
As one of the area's best spots for barbecue, Cattleack has always played a little hard-to-get. Between their small location in a warehouse district in North Dallas and their two-day-a-week lunch-only hours, Cattleack was a place many knew of, but fewer were able to enjoy. That changed for the better this year, as Cattleack closed up shop for a few weeks to expand the operation. Still in the same location, the new space easily seats three times as many customers, who can now wait inside instead of lining up out the door. Out back, space for new smokers allows Cattleack to serve more of their killer meats, and they're opening one additional day a month for specials like whole-hog.

Post Oak Smokehouse
411 E. Royal Lane, Irving
Imagine our surprise when a flier on the windshield tipped us off to some stellar barbecue being served in Las Colinas. Post Oak Smokehouse opened in late July and is churning out quality brisket, poultry, burnt ends and sides from their spot in a strip mall on Royal Lane. All of the meats are smoked (with post oak, natch) on-site, and on a visit just last week, owner and pitmaster Eliodoro Aguilar told us that they can smoke almost any whole meat you'd like with just a few days notice. Post Oak Smokehouse is a great addition to the dining choices in Las Colinas.
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