BW's Fried Ribs and Fried Banana Pudding, Meet Face

Debbie Hays, from BW's Famous Fried Ribs at the State Fair of Texas, tells me she's been serving up fried ribs at the fair for 24 years. Twenty-four freaking years? How the dong have I never had these things? Hays says, "Seriously, how have you not tried them? They're not chicken-fried. They're seasoned with a dry rub, lightly battered with a cornmeal-type batter and then fried." YTF. Yes the fuck, y'all.

BW's also serves fried banana pudding, which made it into the finals of the Big Tex Choice awards in 2007. "I really thought it should've won," Hays says. "It's delicious." Abel Gonzales Jr.'s fried cookie dough (which you should seriously make at home for yourself) won Best Taste that year and the fried latte won Most Creative.

If you're looking for more fried goodness from BW's, check out their barbecue brisket egg rolls (FRIED BRISKET!!) and fried jalapeno chips (FRIED JALAPENO HULK SMASH!!).

Take your pre-fried-game Pepto, apologize to your insides and get thee to the fair this Frieday, bitches.

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