Cafe Brazil Offers a Safe Harbor from DWI Checkpoints, Also Some Tasty Crepes

El Gordo Crepes Demonstrated by Luciano Lopez of Café Brazil Richardson

There are certain restaurants, bars and hole in the wall-type places that we consider our second home, or even our actual home because we frequent them so much. The place we like to go after a long day to grab a drink, a favorite meal, or to pull an all-nighter while downing cups of caffeine and finishing a story before deadline. Or a familiar hangout we can stop by after a night of bar hopping, downing shots, and dancing to sober up and do some good people- watching in the wee hours of the morning. Café Brazil could easily be our own personal home away from home.

The restaurant first opened in the Lakewood area in late 1991, and as of today, there are 10 of them spread across the metroplex. Café Brazil is known for its eclectic environment, specialty coffees like bourbon pecan and carrot cake, and their menu that features everything from vegetarian crepes to the Brazilian beef sandwich.The restaurant also gives back to its customers by offering teacher discounts, monthly specials, and free entrees every now and then for their Facebook fans at certain locations. They recently lent a helping hand to employees who lost their jobs as a result of the Greenville Avenue fire by offering a free meal to those who showed a recent pay stub from one of the four destroyed restaurants. Yes, this is definitely a place you would want to hang out--drunk or sober.

For this week's AFI, we have chef Luciano Lopez demonstrating one of the popular and spicier breakfast dishes from Café Brazil, the El Gordo Crepes.

2 oz chorizo
2 crepes
2 oz sliced jalapenos
2 oz. chopped bacon
2 oz diced yellow onions
2 oz diced tomatoes
1 Tbsp seasoning
2 oz spicy cream sauce
4 oz cheddar cheese
6 oz rosemary potatoes
1 slice of white toast

Step 1: In a skillet, sauté meat and vegetables with seasoning until soft.

Step 2: Place crepes on 9 ½ inch plate and sprinkle half of the cheese onto the crepes. Place in a broiler for a few minutes or until melted.

Step 3: Spoon half of sautéed ingredients onto the crepes, then roll them up.

Step 4: Cover crepes with sauce, spoon remaining ingredients on top, then finish it off by sprinkling the remaining cheese on top. Café Brazil suggests serving the El Gordo Crepes with white toast and rosemary potatoes.

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