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Cafe Momentum Lets You Buy a Piece of a Restaurant, and You Don't Have to Wash a Dish

It's almost a fundamental desire. Whether a tiny vibration in the back of your mind or a well-developed dream with plans and drawn-out concepts, many of us have had an "I should open a restaurant" fantasy. The thing is, we really shouldn't. Well more than half of all restaurants fail in the first year or two. You'll pour your hard-earned savings into a lease and kitchen equipment only to auction off that shiny Vulcan range at a fraction of the cost.

Why not leave restaurants to the pros? And if you really can't shake the desire to buy some kitchen equipment that can sear a piece of meat in 30 seconds, buy it for someone who can put it to good use. Here's how:

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Chad Houser and the folks behind Cafe Momentum have been raising money to build a restaurant and training facility to help at-risk young people, by giving them them hands-on culinary training they can turn into a career. Non-violent offenders are handed an educational opportunity that other restaurants can't be bothered to give.

As the Cafe Momentum restaurant gets closer to open this fall, the project is looking for help from sponsors who want to chip in on the build out. You can sponsor anything from tables to dry storage equipment to the freezer and more.

Click here to check out the sponsorship options.

The only thing is, restaurant equipment isn't cheap. You can spend thousands (and thousands) on that 10-burner range that puts your pansy home-kitchen stove to shame, and don't even ask what you can spend on a walk-in freezer. If you want to help open a restaurant that promises real social change, it's time to dig deep. Sponsor levels start at $500 and go up (way up) from there.

And you might want to hurry. A few of the sponsorships have already sold out. Personally, I'm going for the vent-a-hood. I just have to turn over a few more couch cushions.

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