Campo Closes, To Reopen as a New Concept in a Few Months

If you were planning on dining at Campo this weekend you'll need to find other plans. News of the restaurant's closure is spreading like and Internet bushfire on Eater, Escape Hatch and other food blogs.

Owner John Paul Valverde is quoted as saying the restaurant is not gone for good, but will reopen as a new concept in a few months. He doesn't give any details about the new restaurant, other than it will be more approachable and more friendly, though.

Campo opened late last year with popular chef Matt McCallister at the helm. Investors loomed, and when McCallister was offered a restaurant of his own he took the money and ran. His new concept, FT 33, is due to open soon in the Design District.

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Campo, meanwhile cycled two chefs to try and recover from McCallister's departure. Josh Black was first promoted, and then Michael Ehlert was brought in after he left The Chesterfield downtown. Neither could keep customers interested enough to keep Campo open.

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