Can Walmart Save Southern Dallas From Food Desert Conditions?

The Dallas Morning News, that gray thing that piles up on your old neighbor's lawn when she's on vacation, was loaded with food coverage over the weekend, including a story that identified the city's "food deserts" -- areas without adequate grocery shopping options for residents. That term, "food desert," was used to describe any neighborhood that does not have a store offering fresh food and vegetables for customers within a one-mile radius.

These conditions are most common in poorer neighborhoods, where food access issues are compounded for the sick and elderly. Southern Dallas has the most real estate designated as food desert. Thankfully, a second article detailed plans for Walmart to swoop in and provide options in the area. Nationally, the chain plans to open 300 stores in undeserved neighborhoods.

Walmart obviously isn't the darling of neighborhood planners, friends of labor, mom-and-pop shop owners or urbanites, as it carries with it that low-class, big-box stigma and a reputation for treating its employees like a Real Housewife treats her liver.

But the Obama administration recently praised the chain for slashing prices on fresh, healthy food and its increased focus on the health and well-being of its customers. And considering the current options in most of America's poor neighborhoods, which mostly consist of foods of a golden brown hue, a new Walmart could be a godsend.

The lifestyles section also had some food coverage detailing a small group of Dallasites who have jumped on the food swap trend. Denise Molina and Darlene Rosen have started an event that helps canning aficionados deal with excess peach preserves. In addition to holding monthly events, they've started a blog covering their events and listing canning and cooking tips.

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