Can We Get a Fish Sandwich Around Here?
Jenny Block

Can We Get a Fish Sandwich Around Here?

Sadly, these are not available in Dallas yet, but they were too cool not to share. No Fish! Go Fish! is a groovy restaurant that my little sister introduced me to in Portland, Oregon. It serves homemade soup (a constantly rotating menu of flavors) and "fish." The joint is owned by couple John Doyle and Sean Brown, and the fish are actually sandwiches, sort of.

They're also a bit like crepes or waffles. The truth is they're sort of anything you want them to be depending on the filling you choose. The fish shape (crispy on the outside and soft on the inside) is always the same. The owners' bread recipe blends the sweetness of corn bread with high-fiber oats and wheat flour. It's then formed into fish, inspired by a traditional Korean sweet bean pastry known as pung ap bang, or "fish bread that has no fish." The insides can be anything from egg and cheese or turkey to Nutella or chocolate and caramel.

They make the fish to order right at the restaurant or at their food cart (if you visit them there). Doyle and Brown were so enchanted when they encountered the dish on a trip to Korea, that they bought a fish making oven of their own and opened up No Fish! Go Fish!

I can't help but imagine what shape might work here in the Big D. Cowboy hat? Boot? The great state of Texas?


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