Cane Rosso's Burnt Ends Gut Bomb Becomes an Internet Monster, But It May Not Last long

There's a little party happenin' at Il Cane Rosso this evening. According to a post owner Jay Jerrier threw up on Facebook last night:

Looking for something fun to do Thursday night? Want to get a shot at being on TV? Then get over to Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum to see America's Best Bites shoot a segment with the great Natalie J. Forte.

The blurb ends with a reference to the "burnt ends" pizza that's garnered a bit of a cult following on Twitter and other social media. Jerrier dreamed up the round at a charity event that featured area barbecue behemoths Pecan Lodge and Lockhart Smokehouse.

I stopped in last weekend to try the pie. It's an obnoxiously lusty affair featuring fatty smokey brisket, roast chiles, lots of cheese, cooked onions and hot sauce. Authentic Neapolitan pizza this is not, but it's impossible to deny the appeal.

"We sold a TON of those over-the-top ode to Texas pizzas. I still like the simple classics though..." tweeted Jerrier when I pinged him about the pie, indicating a man who may be a victim of his own creative success.

Jerrier may prefer simple pies, with few toppings that show off his killer crust (I do too), but many of his customers don't agree. Capricciosa is one of his most popular pizzas; It's also topped the most heavily, with tomatoes, mozzerella, proscuitto, mushrooms, olives and artichokes.

I liked the burnt ends pizza. The flavors work even if it's heavy handed and you need a friend to finish the pie. But it did remind me of Dr. Frankenstein. Jerrier has created a monster he's ready to retire... if only his customers would let him.

Hit Cane Rosso tonight if the above picture appeals to you. It may be your last opportunity to try the burnt ends pizza.

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