Canned Hunt: City Of Ate's Scavenger Type Thing

This week, points for the first to locate the following:

A restaurant with real "reality television" connections.

"Cheaters" doesn't count. Sound too easy? Probably is, but no one has found last week's scavenger item, so...We're keeping last week's on the board, too:

A restaurant or bar with a blue Dirk Nowitzki jersey hanging on the wall.

The rules: It's a first-come, first-served scavenger hunt. The first to correctly name the restaurant or item (use the comments box) wins five points. There can be several correct answers to each hunt. At the end of each quarter, the person with the most points wins a gift certificate or other coveted prize.

Last week we listed a timely bonus item: A restaurant or bar where Tom Hicks, Jr. might say "blow me, fuck face" to one of the staff.

As you probably read on Unfair Park, Little Tom stepped down from his position at Liverpool Football Club in England after writing that in response to an email from a concerned Liverpool fan. What can we say, he's a classy guy.

There are at least two places where he might say this: The Idle Rich (bartender Ian Green is from Liverpool and often wears sorry red team colors to work) and Samar (where my favorite waitress--a vocal Liverpool fan--works).

So the bonus is off the list.

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