The characters on the cups, when animated, may commit cheeky acts.EXPAND
The characters on the cups, when animated, may commit cheeky acts.
Susie Oszustowicz

Cantina Laredo is Bringing its Cocktails to Life for the Day of the Dead

Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) is an annual Mexican holiday when people honor and pray for their family members and friends who have passed. It's often celebrated with an extravagant altar with decorations, flowers, pictures, candles and more on which they offer food and drink to loved ones. This year, Día de los Muertos is observed Oct. 31 through Nov. 2.

Cantina Laredo is giving us the chance to celebrate Día de los Muertos by bringing a cocktail to life. Visit a Cantina Laredo before Nov. 4 and order one of their specialty cocktails — they offered a different one each week in October. This week's is the Resurrection featuring Espolon Anejo tequila complemented with Grand Marnier and Aperol, a bitter Italian apéritif. They bring these disparate elements together with a bit of fresh orange juice and cinnamon agave nectar for a touch of sweetness.

The cocktail itself is great, but the bonus of this cocktail is the cup. If you follow the instructions they provide for you, the characters on the cups will animate, giving you cocktails and a show.

Resurrection ($12): Espolon Anejo Tequila, Grand Marnier, Aperol, orange juice, cinnamon agave nectar

Cantina Laredo, multiple locations, cantinalaredo.com

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