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CBD Provisions' Mike Sindoni on Getting Dallas to Eat Pig's Head: "We Sell the Shit Out of It"

When I walk up, Mike Sindoni is sitting at the bar at CBD Provisions, the restaurant in downtown Dallas' Joule Hotel, making edits on a menu with a No. 2 pencil. He's an unassuming, gentle-looking man of about six feet with bright eyes, short curly hair and a generous smile.

Sindoni is still fairly new to Dallas, having moved here from Washington, D.C., in 2012 to take the reigns at the Joule's Charlie Palmer steakhouse. When that restaurant closed and his bosses at Consilient, a restaurant group, announced plans to open two new restaurants in the downtown hotel, they brought Sindoni on to craft the menu for CBD Provisions. As the executive chef, Sindoni's nose-to-tail philosophy has captured the esteem of nearly every food critic in town, including our own Scott Reitz, who said the restaurant makes magic.

In our interview, we chatted about the restaurant, his hometown, where he dines out in Dallas and what it's like to live downtown.

So where are you from? Washington, DC. I'm not from there but that's where I was working most recently. I'm actually from Upstate New York.

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