Cedar Grove's Spiced Apple Makes It Easy to Have an Apple a Day

Eating the recommended daily amount of fruit seems easier for kids. Between bananas in lunch bags, apples and peanut butter after school and orange slices at half time during soccer games (let's not even talk about the Capri Suns), kids are pretty fruit flush. Adults seem to buy fruit and it just sits there, sad and alone, molding.

The solution? Get that daily serving of fruit in cocktails. Enter: the Spiced Apple from Cedar Grove mixologist Trevor Landry. Make your own or stop into the new eatery on Cedar Springs during weekend brunch to get a fancy one — they use a full apple as a garnish. That'll keep the doctor away, and you won't have to deal with fruit flies at home.

1 oz. Larceny bourbon
1 oz. Nassau royale liqeuer
0.15 oz. (a bar spoon) of St. Elizabeth allspice dram
Slice of fresh lime
Bishop Cider Nectar

Pour first four ingredients in a tall glass and stir. Add ice, then top with Bishop Cider Nectar. Garnish with a spiralized or shaved apple.

Cedar Grove, 4123 Cedar Springs Road

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Susie Oszustowicz