Cedars Food Park Starts Regular Thursday Events This Week

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The Cedars Food Park at Dallas Heritage Village (1515 S. Harwood St.) is holding its first recurring Thursday night event this week. After an inspiring initial offering a few weeks ago, they're ready to become the first regular food park gig in Big D.

Thursdays are being coined as "Food.Fun.Fido" at the Old City Park, just south of the Dallas Farmers Market. (Beginning August 31, they'll have regular Friday night service, but for this week, just Thursday.)

As previously mentioned, one advantage of holding a food truck party at the Heritage Village, is that the place is beautiful. Quite the hidden gem. You'll probably be inspired to come back and take the full tour once the museum and tours reopen in September. But, the grass and large cedar and elm trees throughout the park lend the event something that a hot parking lot just can't. (Sorry, parking lots. No worries, though, we'll always love you, just in a different way.)

There are some air-conditioned eating areas along "Main Street" and Lee Harvey's will provide adult refreshments, including beer and wine, in the old saloon.

DJ EZ Eddie D, who's show Knowledge Dropped, Lessons Taught runs on KNON at 8 p.m. on Saturdays, will be providing chill tunes for the evening.

Brad Friedman with the Cedars Food Park is angling for a relaxing theme for these Thursday events, replete with great food and music with your pooch in tow.

Admission and parking are always free. Food trucks include: 4 Season's, Crazy Fish, Nammi, Gandolfo's, Jack's Chowhound, Rock N' Roll Tacos, Taste of Home, Ssahm BBQ, Cool Haus and Cup Cakin'.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.