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Cedars Social is Serving All-You-Can-Eat Prime Rib Tonight. Will There Be Slot Machines?

Well, this strikes me as odd. Today I got a news release from the folks at Cedars Social. The subject? The restaurant is offering all-you-can-eat Prime Rib on Monday.


All-you-can-eat meat. My first reaction was that this deal sounded more in place at a Golden Corral than at a moderately up-scale cocktail den in the Cedars. Was Michael Martensen, a top mixoligist in Dallas, and Kyle McClelland, a notable chef from New York City, trading sazeracs and haute deviled eggs for Miller Lite's and blue plate specials?

Curt Kemenes, however, was responsible for the event. The sous chef under McLelland got the idea from a steak house he worked at while living in Boston. That restaurant had pitifully slow Sunday dinner services and the gimmick brought customers in droves. He thought the same deal could work at Cedars Social, which has has slow Monday nights.

Tonight they're roasting four massive rib roasts and serving the special with sides like mac and cheese, baby carrots, twice baked potatoes, and popovers, till it runs out. At $24 I thought the special might break the bank. People could eat a lot of Prime Rib, right? But Kemenes says customers rarely ask for a second plate, and he's confident the deal will be good for the restaurant.

Cedars Social's sous chef just laid out the meat gauntlet. Anyone gonna take the bait?

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