The classic bloody got a bloody good upgrade at Overeasy.EXPAND
The classic bloody got a bloody good upgrade at Overeasy.
courtesy Overeasy

Brighten Up Brunch on Bloody Mary Day with Overeasy's Proud Mary

It's time to go green, and Overeasy is giving you the chance to do just that with their Proud Mary, just in time for National Bloody Mary Day on Jan. 1. Their take on the bloody mary brings the traditional elements together: vodka, citrus and plenty of pickled goodies, and they put a slant on it with a house bloody mary mix made with poblano peppers and green tomatoes.

The poblano peppers give the morning cocktail a bit of zing that's so necessary to wake up your senses after a big night out; a little spice makes everything nice. The underripe tomatoes not only give the cocktail a bit of tanginess but also a bright color.

Admittedly, we'll all need some hair of the dog on Jan. 1, and this bloody mary sounds bloody perfect for the job.

Proud Mary ($11): vodka, lemon, Poblano Green Tomato Bloody Mary mix, house pickles

Overeasy, 1914 Commerce St. (downtown Dallas)

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