Light a candle and sip on this marigold and turmeric cocktail.EXPAND
Light a candle and sip on this marigold and turmeric cocktail.
Susie Oszustowicz

Celebrate Day of the Dead by Living It Up With a Marigold Cocktail at Bowen House

This year, Dallas did Día de los Muertos big. We saw our first parade by the city last weekend, which gathered a huge crowd, and we've seen multiple celebrations across town already. We think taking a couple of days to honor those who have passed is a beautiful way to remember them.

We also think we're now obsessed with anything marigold after seeing 5,000 of them strewn about at Avion's event Monday night.

So we were excited to hear there's a way to drink them, too. We caught wind of a marigold amaro made right here in our state, just right outside of Austin in Bastrop, and Bowen House will feature a cocktail with it this weekend for Día de los Muertos.

The cocktail itself brings together Avión Silver Tequila, whose slight pepper and citrus notes pair nicely with the turmeric syrup and lemon juice. The Midnight Marigold's flavor profile offers a bit of turmeric, so the house syrup kicks it off nicely.

Caléndulas y Velas ($13): Avión Silver Tequila, Violet Crown Midnight Marigold, turmeric syrup, fresh lemon juice, egg white, garnished with dried marigold petals and ground turmeric

Bowen House, 2614 Boll St. (Uptown)

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