Celebrate North Texas Beer Week with a Beertail at Stonedeck Pizza Pub
Courtesy of Stonedeck Pizza

Celebrate North Texas Beer Week with a Beertail at Stonedeck Pizza Pub

While we all like a good brew, sometimes it's nice to punch it up a bit with a bit of liquor ... because, why not? Deep Ellum pizza buffet paradise Stonedeck Pizza Pub offers more than 150 beer options, so they went ahead and did it for us. Check out one of their beertails, the Habanero Razzberry Sour, to celebrate North Texas Beer Week in a whole new way. It's spicy thanks to the habanero moonshine with a slightly sour note that pokes through thanks to the use of the all-too-trending sour ale.

Habanero Razzberry Sour
2 oz. habanero moonshine
2 oz. house-made sweet & sour
Drizzle of raspberry syrup
2 oz. sour ale
Jalapeño slice garnish

Combine the first three ingredients in a shaker, then shake with ice until well chilled. Strain into a glass, then top with sour ale and garnish with a slice of unseeded jalapeño.

Stonedeck Pizza Pub, 2613 Elm Street (Deep Ellum), stonedeckpizzapub.com

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