Celebrate What's Good: Goodfriend Turns One on Wednesday

In case you haven't heard, tomorrow night, Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House in East Dallas will celebrate one year of burgers, beer and good friends with "awesome" drink specials and live music performances. Before the rare, special and/or craft beer starts flowing, we thought you might like to know a bit more about what the guys at Goodfriend are celebrating. So here are five friendly questions for Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling.

If 1-year-old baby Goodfriend had a birthday cake, what would it be made of? What would it look like? Who might jump out of it? It would be an ice cream cake shaped like a bottle of Jameson. It took a lot of whiskey to build (and maintain) this place. Bill Murray would pop out. Definitely.

Excellent choice. Speaking of restaurant babies, the area around Goodfriend seems particularly fertile for business -- how will your next venture capitalize on that? We're opening Goodfriend Package Store across the street, because like Goodfriend, we feel it's something the neighborhood needs. With that, we hope to continue to revitalize the area and make it a safer place for the neighborhood to enjoy.

Besides that li'l doozie, what changes do you see happening in your second year of business? We hope not to change anything at all. The first year has been great, so we want to see it stay that way. We just want to keep getting better and better at what we do.

What one menu item must everyone try at Goodfriend? When we visit other burger joints, we like to start with the standard cheeseburger. If that passes the test, then we'll move on to explore other menu options. For Goodfriend, a good starting point would be The P.L.O.T. (Pickle Lettuce Onion Tomato).

Coincidentally, that's my favorite of Goodfriend's burgers. And only $9 at that. But if you could charge $50 for a meal at Goodfriend, what would that meal consist of? A cheeseburger paired with a great beer, followed by a shot of Jameson Rare Vintage Reserve.


The first birthday festivities begin at 4 p.m. tomorrow and continue into the night with bands performing at 10 and 11 p.m.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.