Cheap Bastards, Chili Dogs and Chorizo Tacos: This Week In Dallas Dining

In need of weekend plans? We've got the best food events to keep you sated over here, but before you head out of the office, we've got a week to wrap up.

This week I reviewed Start, a new fast food concept on Greenville Avenue. If you're looking for a quick meal that doesn't leave you hampered with guilt, this restaurant is definitely worth a look.

Elsewhere on CoA LDD interviewed Jeana Johnson and Colleen O'Hare, competitive eater Kobayashi and the Moose.

We also found some fiery tofu in the burbs, and blue honey on the other side of the globe.

Also, if you're a cheap bastard and you just won 50 bucks on a scratch off guide and want to dine like a fancy person, you should probably check out this first. And don't forget to tip your valet.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie reviews Seoul Garden and awards three stars. She also anointed Dallas' top chefs of the year.

Side Dish has a social media bitch session, a sneak peak at The Greek, and some gratuitous chili dog porn that's to St. Pete's in Deep Ellum. I've had more than one encounter with their chili-covered hot dog -- it's way better than Angry Dog's

The Taco Trail posts on some delicious tacos he found in Oak Cliff. Mi Fondita Restaurant's chorizo is about as perfect as it gets in Dallas according to Jose.

That's all I see this week. Try not to get arrested on McKinney Avenue this weekend and we'll see you guys Monday.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.