Cheap Chicken, Great Pubs And Taco Runs: This Week In There Goes Summer

Three-day weekend on the horizon. It's your last chance to do all those summery things like wear seersucker pants and drink Pimms cups and other cucumber cocktails. I don't want to keep you guys from happy hour, so let's wrap this up quickly.

This week I reviewed Ten Bells Tavern, a new pub in Oak Cliff that offers a new twist on English authenticity. The fish and chips and chicken wings are great examples of good bar food, and I enjoyed sitting at their bar for a few (too many) pints.

Elsewhere on CoA, LDD interviewed Alex Perez after he pounded a few thousand spicy doughnuts to win Hypnotic Donuts' masochistic contest. We covered "The Moose's" performance at a corn-dog smack down earlier this summer, here.

Starting a semester at UTA? Lauren also has a cheap eats guide in and around Arlington for those of you who are sick of cafeteria food. Of course if you're trying to save money you could always hit up your local Indian grocery. Many have cheap and decent cafes. And if you're really hungry I know where you can get a super-fresh whole chicken for $10.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviews Nora and awards three stars. They also have a sneak peak at the recently opened Boulevardier, which has been getting a lot of attention.

Side Dish has a preview of S?r and FnG Eats that are loaded to the hilt with food porn. I hope the plates look that good when I go to eat them. Nancy also has a full review of Driftwood in Oak Cliff.

Robb Walsh is taking a look at five chefs across the state, trying to assess the state of Texas culinary scene on Texas Eats. His first chef is from Houston, which is now lovingly referred to as Mutt City since John T. Edge coined the term in a recent article in Oxford American. I wonder who Walsh will feature in Dallas?

What do you think about spicy tacos and 10-mile runs in the same day? Sounds like madness to me, but over on the Taco Trail José says 900 participants have signed up already. I think I'd rather watch. Then again maybe not.

That's all for this week. Check in after your holiday weekend next week. We'll have another food truck review, a look at Indian ice cream and more favorite dishes.

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