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Checking Out Private|Social's Awesome Texas Food Menu

Two weeks ago Private|Social announced a new direction on their Facebook page. Edible art was out, and "awesome Texas food" was in. A subsequent news release said the restaurant was looking to embrace a menu with a lower price point and more approachable food.

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Chef Najat Kaanache, who replaced Tiffany Derry earlier this year, remains at the popular Uptown restaurant. Her new menu is a mix of casual Texas classics, sandwiches and burgers, and three big-ticket steaks. A 12-ounce rib eye with chocolate hazelnut sauce will set you back $38, while an 18-ounce strip steak costs $48. You can split the difference with a $42 filet mignon, if that's more of your thing.

The rest of the entrées, including fried chicken, fried duck and sliced brisket, range from $20-25. Seafood options listed under dive right in cover the bases with fried catfish, beer steamed mussels, halibut and mahi mahi.

I've voiced my disdain for grilled chicken sandwiches in the past, but Kaanache's chicken pesto hero sounds like a decent alternative. The meat is roasted and served with both a sweet and spicy vinaigrette and a creamy pesto on a kaiser roll.

Here's the rest of the menu:

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