Cheerio! McDonald's Tests "English Pub" Burger

Like Clark Griswold, McDonald's is making a bold trip to Europe by testing a new burger: the English Pub Burger. Burger Business reports that Her Majesty's burger will have hickory-smoked bacon, white cheddar and American cheeses (?), grilled onions and steak sauce on an "artisan roll."

Besides the irritating marketing, (McDonald's claims "it's so tasty, you'll be gobsmacked"!) and naming a roll that has a different shape than the others "artisan," this English burger -- with its slices of American cheeses -- seems to defy the logic of anything that comes from England.

Our sister paper in Broward reports the burger is set to be tested in the Midwest. This isn't the first attempt for the fast-food joint to do "around the world"-themed monstrosities (see: McDonald's Japan), but this one's a big eye-roller. We'll keep our ears open for news on the next idea: the Italian Burger That's Really a Pizza Between Two Sesame Seed Buns! Wait ...

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