Caity Colvard
Cheese: a complex, often misunderstood medium.

"Cheese Lady" Brings the Cheddar, Carves It Up

“I never liked cheese as a child,” Sarah Kaufmann said, “It wasn’t until college that I discovered cheese. Now, it’s my whole life.”

Obviously: Dressed in a cow print apron and pants (complete with tail), topped off with a “Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Top Hat,” Kaufmann carved and chiseled away at a 500-pound block of cheese last weekend, to usher in the new Sprouts Farmers Market location in Murphy.

More on the cheese artist, and a slideshow after the jump.

The artist, who once worked for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, started carving cheese at trade shows about 15 years ago. She’s been featured across the country in dairy shows and fairs, the Food Network and other cable network shows, and store openings like the one last weekend.

There's bound to be an EA game version for XBox, soon enough. Work your way from common Chedder to Gouda and the almost impossible to carve brie.

Kaufmann uses the sculptures to teach people about the nutritional value of cheese, along with its aesthetic qualities--a kind of "destroy the village to save it" ethic.

Some folks, though, she just can't win over, no matter what she carves:

“When it comes down to cheese, you either like it or you don’t,” Kaufmann said. “I think your palate changes as you get older.” As well as your taste in cheddar sculpture.

Kaufmann’s unique work will be on display at Sprouts in Murphy over the next few weeks, and will probably just continue getting attention as the pieces age.

Check out more shots of the big cheese in our slide show here. --Caity Colvard

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