Cheese: This Week In Dallas Dining

So cheese week happened. We've filled City of Ate with so much cheese news we looked like a full -on cheese blog. Even ol' Lee Harvey up in the header there is eating cheese.

This week we ran a porny slide show devoted to some of the better cheese boards in Dallas instead of running a traditional restaurant review. There are some seriously seductive pictures here, so you won't want to miss it.

Elsewhere on CoA we posted some tips on navigating your favorite cheese shop, profiled an extra stinky specimen, and wrote up a guide to help you determine when to eat that smelly wrinkly rind and when to skip it.

We also talked to some local cheese makers including Paula Lambert, Dave Eagle and Anne and Johnny Jones, who started the Latte Da Dairy.

And before you call us cheese snobs you should note we wrote about seven of the most questionable cheese products around and actually ate something from Taco Casa.

Oh yeah, and Snuffer's exploded.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviewed Belly and Trumpet and awarded four stars. Brenner says the restaurant just may bring small plates back into favor for those of us who have tired of growing full, one nibble at a time. Brenner also went postal this week on restaurant health inspection scores. She said she's not going to sties. Restauranteurs beware. If a thermometer in your reach-in is busted, or your hand-washing sink has a leak, Brenner is watching you.

Carol Shih dispatches brimstone from 35,000 feet at Side Dish, writing about her recent American Airlines meals -- should have packed some sandwiches. Meanwhile Nancy Nichols dumped on dough. Duh.

Planning on going to Taco Fest this weekend? Entree Dallas has been pimping out the event with some really good taco shots. I barely recognized La Nueva Hot and Fresh's guisado verde tacos because they're pictured on a plate and you normally have to eat them out of Styrofoam on the hood of your car. They're looking good all gussied up.

And Gary Panter at Lucky Peach does not like the Chinese food he tasted in Texas. So there's that.

That's all I see this week, Aters. Come back next week for some decidedly cheese-free news on Monday.

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