Chef Blythe Beck Releases Info on Her New Project "Show Me Your America"

Since naughty chef Blythe Beck left Central 214 last fall, she promised to resurface soon with her own personal project. Well, this weekend via her Facebook page she finally spilled the beans.

"Show Me Your America" is the name of the venture, and the aim is to tell the story of our country through family culinary traditions. A two-minute harmonious video with solemn music in the background has all the details.

It starts with Beck recounting her childhood enchantment with watching her mother cook and goes on to invite any and all of you to connect with her to share family traditions and recipes that have meaning.

I asked Beck about her long-term plans with this project, because watching the video makes it clear this is more than just mere networking.

"For now, we're putting it together on my website to create an online cookbook," wrote Beck in an email. "It's for my fans who need a place that is their own to share, ask questions, etc."

Still sounds like the foundation for a show, right?

"I want people to be able to express themselves through food!" Beck wrote. "Plus, I want to know all their stories. These stories are an important part of our culture and heritage. I feel very honored when people share with me, plus it's a way for me to keep learning."

Regardless of what the naughty chef is up to, it'll be entertaining.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.