Chef Burning Questions: John Franke on Salads from Walgreens and a Bad Black Jambalaya

Each week (or thereabout) we ask a local chef three burning questions about their favorite culinary reads, food shames and best (or worst) meals. Front Burner's corporate chef, John Franke, is in charge of menu development for Whiskey Cake, Velvet Taco, The Ranch at Las Colinas, Red Dog Right and more. Here are his burning answers. And they do burn. You've been warned.

What are your three favorite cookbooks? On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee CookWise by Shirley O. Corriher Tacos by Mark Miller

What are a few of your latest food shames? Opening one of our restaurant concepts in Vegas, I stopped at Walgreens for a salad and sandwich at midnight on my way to the hotel. My kids love Applebee's and drag me there once and awhile and sushi at Walmart in a crux.

What are a few of the greatest thing you've eaten recently? Four pounds of crawfish at Pappadeaux a couple weeks ago, Key lime pie at Emporium Pies and the pretzel at Bowl & Barrel.

And worst thing? Black jambalaya at Stampede 66 and a fried avocado taco at Torchy's Tacos near SMU.

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